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Open Workspace

VA Realty offers office space and coworking platform for businesses in the center of the city to station their businesses. We offer space that will give you the freedom to focus, collaborate and grow. And flexibility at an affordable price, working in a shared office is ideal for dynamic business needs. Now let us discuss what we have for:


Accommodate project teams, visiting staff, and consultants in a professional environment. VA Coworking can help you to accommodate temporary or permanent employees.

Expanding businesses

Easily scale up desk space as your workforce expands. Whether recruiting new staff or scoping out an area for future expansion, a shared workspace lets you react quickly to changes in your business.


Get your venture off the ground quickly. Foster new connections in the area and enjoy a social, creative atmosphere conducive to busy start-ups. The opportunities are endless.


Transition into a coworking space to increase productivity, creativity, and your list of local business contacts. Reduce overhead by utilising shared services. Moreover, the availability of a conference room (on booking) ensures a professional approach for face-to-face meetings with clients.

Services we offer:

  • Suites 

  • Conference Room (booking required)

  • Office Desk 

  • Amenities like Common Printer, High-Speed Internet Connection, Air-conditioning.

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