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VA Consulting | Systematic Improvements in processes for cost reduction

Cost Optimization

Cost optimization or reduction can be achieved by cost transformation by simplifying, strengthen and refocusing customer's organization to pursue growth and focus on better customer delivery.  We use customizable approach enabling our customers to cultivate, continuously improve and  achieve reward in form of sustainable cost optimization culture.

How We Help

Redesign Procurement 

Minimize in-house inventory and focus on Just-in-time procurement

Zero Rework

Design Standard operating Producer (SOP) to minimize re-work and train staff


Zero Wastage

Educate Staff to avoid wastage along with setting system and ensuring standards  



Prepare budget targets and road map ahead with valid risk management and contingency plan.

Complexity Management

Minimize complexities at work either of using multiple suppliers and untrained team 

Support Functions

Implement support by introducing modern best practices such as organized inventory management, 5S, analysis methods to achieve growth

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